Diana Hadley

Journalism Educator
Diana Hadley - Endorsement for David Weatherspoon for State Senate, District 31


Although I enjoyed creating and teaching a nonviolence class at Franklin College by myself, when I had the opportunity to team teach the class with David Weatherspoon, the campus minister, I didn’t need to think about the possibility.  I knew David’s energy, knowledge and wonderful rapport with students would take the class to a higher level.

I was right. As David and I continued to expand the course, we added information, resources and activities, and we looked forward to each class. When we realized that the subject matter and our students provided insights that might benefit others, we co-authored a book to share the spirit of the class beyond the campus.

I consider our partnership one of the great joys of my 46-year career as an educator, so like everyone else at Franklin College, I was sad when David returned to his home state even though I knew Tennessee would benefit.

Just as our students have honored our class with a variety of activities and career choices that serve the world, it isn’t surprising that David would use his gifts to make a positive difference in new ways too. While I wish he could serve as a state senator in Indiana, I can’t imagine a better person to represent any state. When David is elected state senator for District 31, Tennessee wins too.



Diana Hadley taught high school journalism 33 years before she took a position at Franklin College as Director of the Indiana High School Press Association. During the 13 years she was at Franklin she also taught a variety of classes and co-authored “The Peace Class: ” with David Weatherspoon.