Paul Galbraith

Paul Galbraith endorsement for David Weatherspoon for TN Senate, District 31

When I think of what it means to be a man of integrity, a man of genuine compassion, and a man that lives with a passion for justice and opportunity for others, I think of David Weatherspoon.  From the moment I met David during my Freshmen Orientation at Franklin College, these three characteristics were exemplified daily in how he led his life and interacted with everyone around him.  I had the privilege to serve alongside David as his intern for four years at Franklin College.  David showed me how to be a man that changes the world by impacting the world around me every single day.  I hear his voice saying, “We were created to breathe life and hope into all of creation.”  I know each day this is what guides his decisions and interaction; not seeking personal gain, rather, how he can bless the world around him.

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Waddell Hamer

Waddell Hamer - Endorsement of David Weatherspoon for TN Senate, District 31

I have known David Weatherspoon since August 2012. Over the course of that time, our relationship has gone from boss-employee to mentor-mentee and finally to close friends. Throughout this time, I have come to know him on a very deep level, and I can say with confidence that Western Tennessee could not ask for a better person to represent them in the state legislature.

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Diana Hadley

Diana Hadley - Endorsement for David Weatherspoon for State Senate, District 31

Although I enjoyed creating and teaching a nonviolence class at Franklin College by myself, when I had the opportunity to team teach the class with David Weatherspoon, the campus minister, I didn’t need to think about the possibility.  I knew David’s energy, knowledge and wonderful rapport with students would take the class to a higher level.

I was right. As David and I continued to expand the course, we added information, resources and activities, and we looked forward to each class. When we realized that the subject matter and our students provided insights that might benefit others, we co-authored a book to share the spirit of the class beyond the campus.

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Sarita Wilson-Guffin

Sarita Wilson-Guffin endorsement for David Weatherspoon for TN Senate, District 31

I met David Weatherspoon almost four years ago when he interviewed as a Chaplain at Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital.  I am not one to hold fast to first impressions, but I was immediately impressed with David’s candor and confidence.  I knew quickly that he stood firm in his beliefs and that he was definitely an advocate for the marginalized and the voiceless.  Our work relationship grew and our camaraderie began to develop.  I garnered even greater respect for David as I observed his work ethic and his great concern for humanity and social justice.  Many members of the faith community speak about the fight for social justice, but David does the work.

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