Katey Humphries

Employment Specialist
Exodus Refugee Immigration
Katey Humphries


Meeting David for the first time is a pretty typical handshake, introduction, and good conversation. Meeting David for the second time will probably catch you off guard as he has almost certainly remembered your name. And meeting David on the third occasion will likely find you squeezed tightly in a hug as if meeting a close friend. For me, those meetings happened more than ten years ago, and I can still fondly recall all three.  David was my campus minister at Franklin College and quickly came to be one of my most trusted mentors and closest friends, which remains true to this day. He has faithfully guided and challenged me- never shying away from a truth that needed to be spoken- and has truly helped to shape who I am today.


I spent three years as a member of the Religious Life Team and my junior and senior years of college were spent interning under David's supervision, where I learned tough lessons and gained valuable experience. Over the course of five years, David and I traveled to Washington DC, Atlanta, New York City, and New Orleans together to learn and participate firsthand in the good work that so many were doing in their own communities. We've had conversations with those experiencing homelessness; painted,  sanded and scrubbed hurricane-ravaged homes; and we've dissected what it means and looks like to serve others with compassion, humility, and dignity. David also served as my professor as we delved into topics such as nonviolence and homelessness. He also co-led an 18-day service learning trip to Uganda, East Africa. These courses directly tied to
the profession I have chosen and directly connected to David's influence in my life.

David's smile and friendly nature drew me in, but it was his deep love of people and lifelong commitment to peace and service that cemented one of the most meaningful relationships I have ever had. David's life is a demonstration of what it looks like to be a faithful loving father, husband, and friend and a caring, compassionate neighbor to all. I have such a deep respect and admiration for David, and I count myself so fortunate to know him. He is informed, engaged, and a valuable resource to any community he calls home. And one cannot forget his wicked sense of humor and incredible wit, which endear him all the more.  He’s an asset to Shelby County, and you are all very fortunate to have him because we Hoosiers sure miss him terribly!