Paul Galbraith

Paul Galbraith endorsement for David Weatherspoon for TN Senate, District 31

Pastor of Student Ministries and Missions
Brandywine Community Church
Greenfield, IN

When I think of what it means to be a man of integrity, a man of genuine compassion, and a man that lives with a passion for justice and opportunity for others, I think of David Weatherspoon.  From the moment I met David during my Freshmen Orientation at Franklin College, these three characteristics were exemplified daily in how he led his life and interacted with everyone around him.  I had the privilege to serve alongside David as his intern for four years at Franklin College.  David showed me how to be a man that changes the world by impacting the world around me every single day.  I hear his voice saying, “We were created to breathe life and hope into all of creation.”  I know each day this is what guides his decisions and interaction; not seeking personal gain, rather, how he can bless the world around him.

When he called me to announce his running for the Tennessee State Senate I was thrilled with the thought of his leadership, integrity and passion being instrumental in guiding our government and country toward a better future.  I know David will do everything possible to enhance opportunity, justice, and community through improving safety, education, healthcare, and more sustainable wages for individuals and families in Tennessee.  My hope is that his impact in Tennessee will be far reaching throughout the state, and serve as a model for other states to follow.   I fully support David Weatherspoon and encourage your support as well as he runs for Tennessee State Senate in District 31.