Sarita Wilson-Guffin

Sarita Wilson-Guffin endorsement for David Weatherspoon for TN Senate, District 31

Chaplain, Le Bonheur Children's Hospital

I met David Weatherspoon almost four years ago when he interviewed as a Chaplain at Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital.  I am not one to hold fast to first impressions, but I was immediately impressed with David’s candor and confidence.  I knew quickly that he stood firm in his beliefs and that he was definitely an advocate for the marginalized and the voiceless.  Our work relationship grew and our camaraderie began to develop.  I garnered even greater respect for David as I observed his work ethic and his great concern for humanity and social justice.  Many members of the faith community speak about the fight for social justice, but David does the work.

I was not surprised when David told me in confidence about his bid for State Senate.  I have watched him run his campaign with integrity, compassion and truth.  I have witnessed him forge relationships in the political arena, while remaining grounded with his beautiful family and the work of chaplaincy.  David speaks truth to power in every area of both his personal and public life. David’s spirit of honesty creates the basis for both authentic friendship as well as for respectable leadership. These virtues make David a viable candidate and a genuine friend.

I proudly endorse David as a candidate for State Senate.