Waddell Hamer

Wraparound Facilitator
Community Health Network
Waddell Hamer - Endorsement of David Weatherspoon for TN Senate, District 31


I have known David Weatherspoon since August 2012. Over the course of that time, our relationship has gone from boss-employee to mentor-mentee and finally to close friends. Throughout this time, I have come to know him on a very deep level, and I can say with confidence that Western Tennessee could not ask for a better person to represent them in the state legislature.

When I think of David and the qualities that will make him a great representative, I think of his compassion, his patience, his ability to communicate with and work to understand the views of others, his genuineness, and his commitment to truly live out his Christian values. Throughout the course of my time knowing him, I have seen him live out each of these values. As a college Chaplain, he showed great compassion and patience with the students and employees such as myself, that he worked with, and met them where they were in life to get the best out of them. He was able to communicate with people from all walks of life, and show them  the love and humanity that they deserve.  He showed a genuineness to love and respect the people he met and truly wanted what’s best for them. You combine this with his intelligence, his years of experience in leadership positions, and passion to live out his faith that calls us to care and love all people, and you have a great candidate for public office. I say this not only as a friend, but as someone who is concerned with the current state of affairs in our government; David Weatherspoon would be a great senator for the citizens of West Tennessee.